Vietnamese Braised Tofu and Mushrooms – Đậu Hũ Kho Nấm (Vegan Thịt Kho)

Vietnamese Braised Tofu and Mushrooms – Đậu Hũ Kho Nấm (Vegan Thịt Kho)

This Vietnamese Braised Tofu and Mushrooms is my version of vegan Thịt Kho, a classic Vietnamese dish that traditionally braises pork belly with fish sauce and coconut soda. I’ve swapped out the pork belly for tofu and mushrooms and added vegan shrimp (like my mom used to do).

tofu, mushrooms and vegan shrimp up close in a bowl

This week has been a pretty intense week (RE: BLM Protests and the police brutality and George Floyd), and I’ve been doing a lot of work behind the scenes to educate myself, learn how to be a better ally, and unpack a lot of the privilege I hold as someone Asian, who is lighter skinned and has benefited from a system rooted in white supremacy.

I’m sure this is not really what you expected when reading this food blog, you simply came here for recipes, but what good is my platform if I cannot use my voice to speak up for important matters? If you are looking for ways to help the Black Lives Matter movement, go here. If you immediately want to shout “All lives matter”, then I suggest you educate yourself here. I’m currently working my way through Layla F. Saad’s Me and White Supremacy (affiliate link, I’d suggest getting it at your local stores if you can, borrow from your local library, but unfortunately Amazon is the most easily accessible).

6 bowls of various different Vietnamese dishes as a typical homestyle dinner

It’s been a pretty heavy week and I’m doing what I can to learn more about racism and how to help the BLM movement, but in the meantime, I’ve desperately missed my family and made this meal to remind me of growing up with my mom’s cooking. I made this vegan Thịt Kho to hit some of those salty, sweet and savoury notes to enjoy alongside braised eggplant, steamed vegetables and/or a simple soup with rice.

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If you want to watch the full video where I show how I made this whole meal, watch the YouTube video, but if you just want to see the cooking of the dish itself, see the shorter version below.

This recipe is adapted from Hungry Huy, obviously with many swaps because I made it vegan, but also a smaller portion because it’s just me eating this haha.